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"My Light" Special valentine's new MAXI SINGLE release 2016

"My Light" Valentine's MAXI SINGLE Release


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Light reveals the true shape of things and brings out hidden beauty, without it there would be no life and love. Light cheers and warms, it gives hope and joy, and so light is a fitting word to describe of the unique essence of Love. This is a special Maxi Single special, you basically get both the Full and Radio versions for the price of one!

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What are some of the fans saying?

valentines song, love song, shakila 2016 best valentine's song

valentines song, love song, shakila 2016 best valentine's song

-This gave me chills. Its emotional, and very simple. Its pretty and has a good message. The essence of it is easy to listen to and calming. However, some lyrics could be more clear in pronunciation, otherwise this is beautifully synchronized and overall composed and performed well. Good job and keep it up. The emotion is clear, and I enjoy the passion put into the music.
​Maria K.

- Great piano start, and the voice is very soothing. Sounds like it could be in a musical for a play. Very mellow and could listen to it when I want to calm down. Nice refrain very calm and serenity. Great song although the lyrics are hard to understand at some points, besides this it is an amazing song that relaxes me.
Dave S. 

- The song starts slow and i love the piano.The vocals are good they are there.The lyrics are good i like them.The song makes me feel really good an sad at the same time.The song is good and overall everything is on point and good.
Linda H.

- I like the rain in the song it really helps the mood and tranquility of the music. the voice of the singer is very sweet and soft. the background and guitar really help to peel the melody line out of the song. I love the accent of the singer it really adds an different sound that is unique and it is fresh to here a different tone of sound that is more natural and is not edited and synthesized.
Bobby R.

- Really like the soft beginning with the piano, then elaborating on it more. The singer definitely adds soft touch with her great voice, it sounds amazing when she goes into a high pitch. This song definitely has a calming tone that can relieve the stress of someone after a long day.
Karl M.

- The range of your voice is amazing. You also have a very soft, soothing, relaxing tone of voice. The use of the piano at the beginning of the song is perfect to set the tone and pace for your wonderful song. The lyrics have meaning and will resonate with people. The pace, range, voice, and tone are perfect. This song is amazing as is.
Lisa F.

- The singer sounds like from the 50s. Nice song. Maybe like a Hawaiian sunset party slow song. The song could be changed dramatically if the background singers were the main singers and it would sound like a Mariah Carey song. Try to switch the voices.
Dan V.

- This song has a pretty sounding piano in it. The female vocalist sounds soothing and the song is catchy and definitely feels very emotional, I could see this song being in a sad movie or a sad montage in a youtube video or something.
Vic M.

- The musical effects in this song brings the song alive. The piano is played very careful. The female singer has good vocals. The instruments used in this song seemed to be carefully chosen. It's a soothing song.Overall the song has good lyrics and good musical effects. I like how the song starts/ends with the rain.
Tina M.

- The song starts of with a river sound. Then you start hearing a really soothing Paino sound!. Then you hear a female voice who is really good at Oprah. The backup vocals are nice and you can hear them clearly and they also sound like the females!. I like how the instruments in this track are well balanced and mixed!. Nice song keep making more music guys.
Maria N.

- The elegance and fluidity in this song was beyond... anything I have listened to before. I love how the artist was gentle with the words she spoke! I like how the song was modern yet classical and kept a steady, soft beat! Songs like this are history and legacy. I loved it. This is a great song. Nice work. I love it
Manny K.

- Beautifully composed song with a lovely entry that brings a relaxing feeling to the song. The female vocalist sings wonderfully and is well suited to this style of song. She also sings the lyrics nicely with the meaning of the song easy to understand. There is good range in musical instruments used and work well with each other to write a wonderful melody.
Alice G.

- The singing, the vocalist, however, is enchanting. Vocals and instruments are delightful and pretty, gentle and enticing. The music itself is lovely, too. Well made and elegant. A song that is very musical and would most likely be in a play or movie. Very pretty. 9 out of 10 for intense likability but little chance of seeing this break beyond a musical operatic audience.
Tina N.

- This artist has a fantastic voice. The vocals and lyrics are very moving and coupled with a fantastic voice from the artist I could recommend this track 100%. This is a track I would choose to listen to over and over because of the great vocals but mostly because of the lyrics, they are very moving.
Dan Y.

- Great song, I loved the singer. The instraments were just awsome. I MOSTLY Enjoyed the guitar and the drums. Lyrics were just superb. What do I have to do to buy this song. I recommend it 100%. It started out great and got even better as it played. Such a soothing voice and sounded like something I would love to buy and keep listening to. She was just great and the instruments were great. I love music like this. Not a thing wrong with it. Great lyrics and I loved the rhythm. The digital effects were superb. Loving the instruments. It was very tuneful interesting and great. It was just nice and original.
Gorge V.