verse 1-

My road ends where your heart lives
inside your heart I see a pace for me
I've lived there for song this is such a happy place
you're my light life and I love you my dear


I wish we can stay here together 
stare at the paintings of our memories forever


My light life love
You gave me light when I needed to see
You gave me hope when I needed to believe
My light life love
You gave me wings fly I would be nothing without your love
My light life love

verse 2-

No matter where you are or go
I will live forever in your heart I know
You are my whole and better being
Thank you for leaning towards a true meaning
I will cherish these beautiful memories together
I wish I can see you one more time,
Just to breath in the essence of your life.

( repeat chorus )


Light turns everything into life
Life turns everything into love
Love is the answers to all our prayers
I will adore you no matter where we are
Life after life I wish to find you over and over
Nothing is more beautiful than falling in love with you 


my light life love repeat 3x
I will be nothing without you.
Nothing, my light life love