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11:11 City of love by Shakila 
- posted by Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio on 10/6/2015

Bringing the message of peace and love!

There is a certain synchronicity for me reviewing this album, I use to run an 11:11 website for a few years and have had many circumstances when this phenomenon has come into my life, now it is here musically, the strange thing is yesterday Chrissie’s computer re-booted itself without any reason and yes you’re right to assume that it was at exactly 11:11.If You Distance Yourself is song that is a call for thought to be transmuted into action, its saying just stop and allow yourself to think, and abandon your ego and greed, an incredibly powerful song that has a message for everyone on the Earth who lives in fear and revels in egotistical delusions. City of Love is one amazingly dramatic arrangement that has such an emotive power about it, sometimes a song hits home, this one did for me.

The build and progression on this song though is outstanding and Shakila’s voice is equally so, this is one of those orchestral based tracks that will move you, it will raise the hairs on the back of your neck and if there is any justice in the world, this should be used on a film soundtrack.
When I Close My Eyes this is a composition with true power, the beat and tempo is undeniable, the lyrics are true and meaningful and the performance is supremely brilliant, I would imagine that this song would be incredibly popular at a live concert.
Pledge for Peace, this is the first of two mixes and is a multi-instrumental composition, a ballad beautifully sung lovingly by Shakila, combining a world ethnic feel that seems to float across many cultures, again its message is simple and if one could step out of fear and ego, it’s an easy concept to understand.My Heart has an almost symphonic opening, it’s quite powerful and when the up-tempo percussion kicks in we are gifted something, quite special, a composition that creates a bridge of love for the many cultures that crosses it, a power ballad of great distinction.Teach Hate How to Love Again maybe the shortest track on the album, but is the one with the biggest message.
An upbeat and up-tempo dance like track that sends the message to its listeners with a happy refrainPledge for Peace Piano Mix is up next this is the solo Piano mix of the previous aforementioned composition.The Secret is something special, with its natural sounds to open taking us on a journey to find the deeper meaning of life. This composition is beautifully produced, and manifests itself into a mystical arrangement. The beat and swirling nature of the music, gives it an almost sensual feel as well.
The Power of Now is next, and is a subject that I have studied, this is so relevant to all that we are, right here and now and in this moment, for of course this moment is all we will ever have.
The progression here in this second instrumental piece is similar to the first, but slightly lighter in its motif, the percussion and vocalizations really create a track of great power and meaning.Na Tum Hamien Jaano is the penultimate track, it pays homage to a 1962 Bollywood movie, and Shakila does it justice more than 50 years after its release.Baraftou is the last piece off the album and is sung in loving memory of a fellow Persian composer.

11:11 City of Love is without doubt a completely unique album that has a driving narrative and gives us a constant message, of peace and love. Music is the one constant stabilizing force for good in this world, it is a language we all know, love and understand, if Shakila’s dream of bringing that peace to the world is fulfilled, this album would be as good a place to start as any, perfect performance, a perfectly produced album with sincerity and love as her constant guidelines.
Rating: Excellent


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