Shakila's FREE Official Mobile APP released Worldwide

Shakila’s official new Mobile app is now released for all the major

platforms such as: 

Apple, Android, Windows, and Amazon Kindle.

Using this FREE app will allow you to get the most accurate updates on all her major releases, and live events.

New releases will first be available on the APP before the actual release, this way all the mobile users have the ability to download, or purchase all the new releases before they hit the public market.

This app will have the following functionalities:

1. Shakila’s updates, events, and announcements.

2. Shakila’s streaming with all of her top releases, just start the stream and enjoy all of Shakila’s hit songs.

3. Easy to access contact information.

4. Shakila’s Quotes and inspiration messages only available on the mobile APP.

5. Live Facebook Update.

6. Official Photo Gallery.

And many more….


Apple Itunes App Store:

Android Play Store:

Windows App Store:

Amazon Kindle Store:

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