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11:11 city of love

• TALENT - “City Of Love” is a very warm story telling record. It shows great

songwriting capability. It has catchy lyrics and very relatable content. The strings in

the music compliment the vocal delivery. Shakila’s vocals have great range with a

warm angelic vibe. “City Of Love” is much more than just another record. Nice

introduction, it starts the song out smooth. The sound is up to industry standards.

Great musical build from the beginning into the song progression. The piano

composition and string melodies are well played. Shakila is an extremely talented

singer, songwriter. Great vocal to music transition and strong verse to chorus

transition. The story telling of “City Of Love” creates a big, movie like vibe. Shakila

should attempt a more explosive solo toward the end of the piece to deliver an

explosive ending. Great song!

• MARKETABILITY - “City Of Love” is an extremely marketable piece. A lyric music

video would be a great tool for marketing. This is definitely a placement record.

Consider submitting to Warner Music for possible investment opportunities. It should

also be submitted for movie score and generalized T.V. placements. If this is placed

with the right music supervisor and released to stores, one music video could make

this record spread world wide. This song is a national radio, top 40, worldly music

song. A possible duet feature to re-release an official remix is not a bad idea, to show

a different side to the song and artist. “City Of Love” would also be great for

Broadway. There are many routes to raise awareness with this song but definitely

submit this to radio and music supervisors.

• OVERALL - Overall, “City Of Love” is a fantastic music composition. It

demonstrates talented vocals from Shakila. She sings with a big, warm sound and a

subtle delivery. Shakilas welcoming voice makes you believe there is a city of love.

Overall, big feel and great vocal performance with a relatable story. The great musical

format makes it an easy listening experience. Great song. Great talent.

-A&R team, Got That Music LLC Records/All Purpose Music Group LLC

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“City Of Love” by Shakila


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