Being Afraid of GOD! 

When humankind reached the scientific era, there was a sweeping generalization made in our understanding of the way of the world.

It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, we had some angst from the dark ages and we were gonna kick our suppressors down… It just so happens that the church had had a suppressing impact on the world for a good thousand years or more, so its only natural that a lot of people threw religion out the door… and the concept of God along with it.

God… such a funny word. What does it mean? Why do people shake at the word? Why do we get all up in a fit about it, both on the sides of believers and non-believers alike?

It’s actually tiring after a certain point… when the “debate” never ends, when there is no common union and shared understanding between the two polar opposites? 

God cannot be measured or quantified because it is the One thing present in the totality of the All. He is too big for any religion and too powerful to be contained in a single thing. It is Everything, the perpetual motion of all things, and the constant sameness that is the structure of the cosmos. 

 think that the fear of this universal force might be that if it is truly ALL things then that includes all of your secrets. When you believe that your secrets are your own, its almost like a little safety container by which you can be in your own bubble of peace. And yet, what if you had no secrets? What if you couldn't have secrets because all was known to the forces above and below? 

Even more scarier, what if hypothetically one was a bad person, like a really cruel and mean person their whole lives... Do you suppose this idea of divine judgement could be true? Like, if i'm a mean-spirited person my soul could sweep around in the winds of torment for thousands of years after I leave this earthly realm? 

Not saying its this or that, but I can see how with THAT looming vibe from religious fanatics for thousands of years, its a lot easier (and less frightening) to believe that there is no God. It's easier to believe in turning into nothingness than it is to believe we could be punished for our bad behavior...right? 

I think a lot of people have also believed that they are genuinely bad people, and thus continue the behavior because "ahh who cares there's no saving me". Yet, I like to believe that its the behavior itself which is the ultimate judge of character. Not in what you did, but what you do about it next. 

God can only be known by the virtue and compassion of ones soul, as it rides the waves of the cosmos in which it resides. 

Be the One who would operate from the space of presence of All things. Give your attention and affection to the truth beyond what you physically see before you, but that which is in plain sight to all whom look. 

Believing is Seeing. 

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