Welcome to Shakila's official website. Shakila is a Persian/American world class vocalist. Her dream shaped at a very young age.

Shakila's heavenly voice, is a great combination of Celine Dion and Witney Houston, with a hint of Nora Jones. She is a Powerhouse vocalist, with a silky smooth lower registery, and a crystal clear highs to capture any audience and crossing the true essence of the emotion abroad.

Shakila is busy with live performances through out the world, also she will be releasing two albums in the year of 2015. Her persian Album which is dedicated more to the persian fans is scheduled to be released in March 2015, and her English Album which is more focused on the international music, will be released in the year of 2015.



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2015 Happenings:
-Ganje Nahan Released On Amazon
-Getting ready for March Tour!
-Live Tv Interview
-Only You Now on Pandora Radio

Shakila is Releasing a Top Indian HIT
2014 Happenings:
- Voting for Grammy
- Singing Pledge for peace original
- Shakila Is preparing two albums for 2015


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